Joe Karbo's Raving Fans!

Historical Letters of Thanks to Joe Karbo

What People Say About Joe Karbo's The Lazy Man's Way to Riches

Daily,  Joe Karbo received envelopes with $10 bills in them ordering "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches" paperback book. But he also received thousands of "Thank you" letters from people that had ordered the book and who after reading it, changed their lives.

Here are just a few of those testimonials thank you letters.

Now please keep in mind that we present these letters (edited for length) for historical interest ONLY.   We can not confirm the validity of any claims made in letters as many of these are 40+ years old.

Should it be requested we can provide you copies of the actual letters.

Joe Karbo's Satisfied Readers

Jay Abraham


Nearly 7 years ago I first read your incredible book "THE LAZY MAN'S WAY TO RICHES." At the time I was literally unemployed, undirected and had no conception of what I wanted to do with my life. I was just 23 then.

After reading the electrifying contents of your amazing book… And following up on all of your shortcuts and inside secrets you revealed – – I gained cystal – clear direction on exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

I followed your device from chapters 3 and four respectively – – and contacted the people you listed in the back of your book.

… And almost like magic, by merely following your simple step – by step – formula I became successful beyond even my grandest expectations.

Within every 18 months, I had built the company to a multi million dollar volume. Within five years I built to others up equally as fast – – equally as profitable… It's almost uncanny – Joe – – how effective your "LAZY MAN'S" formula really is… But I sure can't argue with the facts…

Six weeks ago today – I turned 30. I live in a magnificent hilltop home in the most desirable section of Los Angeles.

I own a gorgeous Mercedes 450 SLC… And my wife drives a beautiful Porsche 911 but I will say able to go out and pay cash for… I have money in the bank. And last year alone I made more money using your techniques than I did in the first six years of my working life combined.

But perhaps, best of all – – the one thing I enjoy most of all – that I thank you for giving me… Is all the free time and relief from business pressures…

I never go into the office until 1030 or 11 o'clock and I seldom if ever stay past four. Week – add-ins find me relaxing in my week – and retreat with a breathtaking view of the entire Pacific and Catalina Island.

And I enjoy contentment I never before thought was possible. If anyone ever wonders if you're LAZY MAN'S system works – – just have them call me and I'll be glad to tell them…

Thank you again for paving the way for the greatest opportunity I ever had. I only hope others will take advantage of these extraordinary success secrets.

Jay K. Abraham

"I bought the original book and the updated version by Richard Nixon in 2003 and it set me on the course of building several different businesses and millions in revenue over the last 18 years."

Joe I can testify that your methods work 100%. In the past eight months (since reading the book) I have made more than in the last five years combined! I have also paid off most of my loans and should be free and clear by January!

Jay Haws

By following the principals in your book, "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches", I've gone from unemployed and broke to having enough income from investments to NEVER having to work again, and not spend the principle!

Roger Anderson

I am personally very grateful for this incredible expansion of my life since I began to apply your principles. You have made an enormous contribution to the world and I love to share this contribution with all the people I can.

Betty Ghormley

I have read this book so many times the binding is worn out, and I am still reading it. Last Monday I used what I learned on page 80 to make $7,000. That's not bad for five days work.

Michael P. Dullanty

Since I got your book in July, I've started four companies, one with a potential to net income of $25,000 a month! There's no stopping me!

Huge amounts of love to you, I own you!

Mirham Tanzer